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At my age (seventy two years old), I have never thought that I could go to Australia, study English and stay with an Australian family, I did just that alone. Thanks to ALIS pb for organizing such a program for a senior student like me.

I went to gInforum Education AUh in Southport area of Gold Coast. I attended English classes for five days, 5 hours a day. The classes are divided into five grades. I had to take a written exam on the first day to determine my English level. Then, I was assigned to join the Pre-Intermediate level which is the second class from the bottom. The students in the class were Korean, Chinese, Venezuelan, Hungarian and Japanese.

I listened to stories of each country, made friends with everyone and was able to spend time merrily. During lunch break, I went with my classmates to a nearby shopping mallfs food court to eat. Besides the lesson, I also attended a workshop to ?learn proper pronunciation. I also joined another school activity on Friday afternoon which was a field trip to Coombabah Lake Conservation Area for the kangaroo. Apart from Kangaroo, we saw wild koalas, Owls and a green snake.

On the weekend, I went sightseeing and visited the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (which is an animal protection park), Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane and Cape Byron where the lighthouse is. There, I was able to watch the dolphins.

?Teacher Lizafs Sister Tess took me on a one day tour of Surfers Paradise. We had tea with her friends, had dinner at Conrads Casino and Hotel and visited her friend with a waterfront view house.

?As a home stay, I discovered a lot of things about Australian lifestyle which Ifm sure I would not have experienced if I stayed in a hotel. Since Water is scarce, people donft take a hot bath. They only take a shower. Some houses donft even have a bath tub. They donft drink water directly from the tap unless therefs a purifier. Laundry should only be done once a week to conserve water and electricity. They only eat cereals for breakfast. I felt that the daily life of this country is very severe for a Japanese person like me.

Except the Tohoku area which experienced the earthquake disaster, I think that Japan is a more comfortable, richer and a convenient place to live because the people are free to do as they please and can live luxuriously.? On the other hand, it made me reflect that we are so used to living a luxurious life that itfs about time to live simply and economically.

Nobou Hayasaka



Hello Everyone! I have been studying English here at ALIS pb since April of last year. Time passed by so quickly that it has been a year already. I can never forget the first meeting I had with a native speaker during the trial lesson and counseling. I can still remember the feeling of anxiety and excitement like it was just yesterday. The reason I decided to learn English is because I love English music, especially that of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston. By learning English, I would be able to understand the lyrics of the songs.
Luckily, one day I saw a flyer inserted in the newspaper, that of a newly opened school near my house: ALISpb.
I have never studied at an English conversation school before. However, when I speak with the other students they tell me gItfs good that I chose ALIS for my English Learning.h Each class has a regular teacher and they can speak Japanese so we are able to create a good and friendly relationship in a comfortable and family-like atmosphere. Thatfs why we can also develop our English speaking ability and have fun at the same
time. The female teachers are young, charming, kind and are very accommodating. The male teachers are also well groomed, good looking young guys who have a good sense of humor. When I am feeling down, their pretty smiles and energy cheers me up. Itfs true! Why donft you come and visit ALIS Eikaiwa?
If I could, I would come everyday. I finally began to learn English at this age. If some of you are hesitant, why not have some courage and try? Finally, I would sayc. We can do anything if we really want to. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Shaun, 57


Our daughters are 6 years & 3 years old sisters. A 6-year old daughter has been learning at LET`S GO ENGLISH HOUSE for 1 year and more. She was shy at first and never spoke English at home but now she teaches us what she learned or sings English songs she sang in the class. Since her 3-year old sister has joined ENGLISH HOUSE, they sing together, greet in English each other, and they seem like having a great interest in English. I hope that two of them will continue learning English and learn lots of things through English.

Miho , Nanami `s mom Kinder class


I `ve joined ALIS since last April. Ifm so glad to have a place to learn English like ALIS . Let me tell you, how ALIS is good for me. I had been learning at other schools twice, I was not able to learn and improved as I expected .Teachers changed many times, lessons were not suited for my progress in English. But now, I can take same teacherfs lessons, same day, same time, every week. Taught by same teacher, we get along nicely, teacher knows what is needed for my progress, I `m always satisfied after lessons.

Also, ALIS is very convenient to go; very close to Sakaigawa bus stop; we don`t have togo to the station that takes time.

As I am going to ALIS every week, Ifve realized that English is not a special language.
I'`d like to say gCan you speak English?h to foreign people. To make my dream come true, I`ll continue studying at ALIS .

Kyoko, Adult class

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