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Intensive - involving a lot of activity, effort, or careful attention in a short period of time



a one week intensive course in English

a period of intensive@studying




  • Courage

gTo live alone in a foreign country will take a lot of guts.h


  • Showing courage and determination

gThat was a gutsy decision.h




  • something that "holds back" the performance of a PC.
  • a narrow or busy section of road where the traffic often slows down and stops.
  • anything that slows down development or progress particularly in business or industry.

"Production has been unable to keep pace with demand. We are doing our best to eliminate the bottlenecks."



Keep your hair on

  • keep calm and stop shouting

"Please keep your hair on, the neighbors can hear you."

Let your hair down

  • relax and enjoy yourself, especially in a lively way

"It's about time you let your hair down and had some fun."



"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

  • Benjamin Franklin




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