Kid's Courses

2-3 Yrs. Old TODDLER’S CLASS- 50 min.

Correct Pronunciation at an early stage must be learned and developed by introducing to English in a lively, exciting and playful way of teaching ABCs, Shapes, Colors.

4-6 Yrs. Old KINDER CLASS - 50 min.

Correct pronounciation of an early stage must be learned and developed by introducing English in a lively, exciting and playful way of teaching. A well-rounded approach in teaching with a variety of activities like singing, coloring pictures, writing and playing games. A Textbook and Workbook is used in class and includes CD ROM that the students and parents may have a fun and learning experience and to reproduce language at home in their computers.

GRADERS 1-3 CLASS - 50 min.

Teach, model and encourage to use the 4 aspects of English studied in the classroom. A continuation of different kinds of activities like Singing, Coloring Pictures and Playing Games

GRADERS 4-6 CLASS - 50 min.

Vocabulary words, Spelling, Question and Answer with coloring pictures and playing games (6 months) Phonics Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening to prepare for HS (Intensive Course-6months)


Teen's Courses


The class uses a textbook to guide young adolescents to speak English with confidence. It has a variety of interesting activities with additional materials designed by the teacher that utilizes the 4 Aspects of English.


Using the Level 3 & 4 of the Textbook, the class is focused on different kinds of topics with suitable activities that will enable them to connect directly to the world outside the classroom..


Adult’s Classes

Private 50分(1人)
Semi-Private 60分(2〜3人)
Group 60分(4〜6人)
Group 70分(4〜6人)
Group 90分(4〜6人)

Morning/Afternoon Class - Evening Class

English Conversation

The Curriculum is designed for learners needing an overall review of Basic Grammar, Usage, Pronunciation and Vocabulary. The 4 aspects in learning English such as Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing are incorporated to develop and master natural English Communication.

Business English

This course aims to better equip students with English that will help career oriented individual speak and understand English in a business setting. Having a better grasp of Business level English will help in conducting business both locally and internationally.

Travel English

The main focus of this course is to learn English for Successful Travel. It gives opportunity to understand and practice essential language that is useful for traveling overseas for enjoyment, employment or educational purposes that will enable them to be confident before beginning their journey.

Class Schedule

Monday - Saturday

AM10:30 - PM8:00



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