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Message from the Director

Divina Liza Sato, School Director


I have never imagined that grabbing the opportunity of opening a school will reap this much reward of having built many great professional and even personal relationships. I have gained many friends and met quite a number of interesting people.

So many exciting events have come to pass since both the school’s inception and I am sure that there will be more in store for us in the coming future.

I believe I have learned many things and have grown into a more experienced teacher and individual with the interactions I encounter everyday. Teaching is very personal for me. I always believed that it’s like imparting a part of me, to my students and they instill something in me too.

My students teach me patience, love and keep me young. They remind me that no age is too young or too old to learn something new. They also allowed me to realize that there is no challenge too great if one’s heart is set on a goal. There is always room for learning.

I currently do not handle children’s class unfortunately because of the office work that I have to deal with but when an opportunity to teach them arises, I very much enjoy their vigor and sweetness. I admit, sometimes they do test your patience but they make up for it in the most adorable way, I just love them.

I would like to thank my fellow teachers and of course, the parents and all the students for trusting us in helping you with learning English and hope that we touch your lives as much as you have touched ours.




ALIS Let's Go ENGLISH HOUSE was founded by Professional English Teachers who put together their skills, resources and experiences to achieve the desired result for each student. The image and perception of some people is that English Learning is expensive. Thus, our team established a curriculum and strategy to create a high quality, reasonably priced school that everyone can afford in a relaxing, fun, friendly and cozy place to study.

An unexpected opportunity led to an extraordinary development. Let’s Go ENGLISH HOUSE and ALIS are products of the idea that learning the English language need not be boring, expensive or too formal. Like any skill that one person can acquire, a genuine interest and a lively atmosphere can make the learning process quicker and much more enjoyable.

With the invaluable support of the students and staff, we have created an atmosphere conducive to learning for all ages and levels.
For both schools, the focus is the student’s progress and making sure that we do our best to adjust to each student’s individual capabilities.

Our teachers are all proficient in English regardless of their race. The school’s required qualifications do not include the color of their skin or country where they come from. What is important is that they have a strong grasp of the English language and be able to share the schools’ aim of educating with fervor and warmth.

The continuous growth of both schools is dependent on the support of those who believe we are able to meet their needs. It’s a mutual effort of both the school and the students that make Let’s Go ENGLISH HOUSE and ALIS Conversation School successful and a delightful place of learning.



The Philosophy of the School is that English is learned by heart in a fun, friendly and homey atmosphere which will eventually reflect in each student for them to become a well rounded individual ready to face the Global Community.



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